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Night of Country Swing! - NOCS teaches attendees to Country Swing and Line Dance while providing a fun and friendly environment.

BHSU Nights of Country Swing is a club made up of college students who love Country Swing. We started out as a couple of students looking to have a break from school and life for a couple hours of dancing every week. Since then, we are a group of more than 20 and we have created an environment of dancers at all different skill levels and we are consistently teaching newcomers. A goal for the group has become reaching out to the surrounding community to let them know that we are not a club restricted to BHSU students. All ages and skill levels are welcome. We turn up the music and we dance. We will assess your skill level, and teach at a one-on-one level. We also stop the music at times to break down a line dance for the whole group to do together.

Thursday through May 4th, 2017 at the SRAC Lookout Room

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Age Group: Age varies by class


Classes are free - some class might offer materials or supplies at a cost paid to instructor