Ninja Night Overnighter

Slumber Party at the Rec Center!

January 31, 2015. 7 pm-7 am.  Fun, Games, Activities, Movies, Food and maybe a little sleep! Ninja Night is an overnight at the Rec Center. Anyone age 9+ is invited to attend (children under 9 may attend until 11 pm,  and must be accompanied by an adult). Bring your athletic clothes and shoes, sleeping bag, pillow, water bottle, all your karate moves, and be ready for some fun! MUST pre-register for this event NO LATER than January 27th. 

Ninja Night Registration   - Must be returned NO LATER than January 27th. NO registrations the day of event. If there are not enough registrations, event will not be held. 

Event Details:

Age Group: 9+


$25 per person