It’s a Great Day ...for a Hike! Series

Take a the beautiful Black Hills! 

The Forest Service has granted us permission to hike some of their designated trails with plenty of signs so you know you are going the correct route!

We have trail maps and the routes will be marked nicely with our "It's a Great day...for a Hike" signs so is all you have to do is follow the signs.

Trail markings will be up from Friday to Sunday. So get out there over the weekend and find a great new hike to enjoy as often as you wish.

Trail Dates:

June 27- 29    Crow Peak Map

July 18-20      76 Trail and/or Roughlock Falls Trail   Map

Please take photos of your group with the items you find. Post to Spearfish Rec Center’s Facebook page (and please share with your friends) and/or email to Please remain on the trail! Post by July 25 Please!

July Scavenger Hunt Clues
Hike series signs. Can you find them all?
This is a great pile of rocks!
Three great views.
A view from the top.

Aug 15-17      Little Spearfish Creek Trail Map
Sep 12-14      Iron Creek Trail  Map (available soon)

Photo Scavenger Hunt Option
While you are hiking, take photos of the items listed and send them to Chris at the Rec to be entered in a Grand Prize Drawing! 
Scavenger Hunt Lists will be posted Thursday of the Hike date.  

Share our event and your photos on our Facebook page to earn another entry in the Grand Prize Drawing.

Event Details:

Age Group: All ages are welcome!