Swim Lessons

2015 Swimming Lessons

2015 Swim Lessons Schedule

2015 Swim Lessons are 2-Week sessions (Monday-Friday), 30 minutes per day. Levels range from Parent-Tot Lessons on up to Level 4. Lessons times are weekday mornings from 9:30 am, 10:15 am, 11 am and evenings at 7:30 pm. 2015 Swimming Lessons Sessions are as follows

Session 1: June 8-19
Session 2: June 29-July 10
Session 3: July 20-31
Session 4: Aug 3-14

Group Swim Lessons are $45 per two week session. Private Swim Lessons are available for $20/half hour session. Students will be matched with appropriate instructors according to skill level for private lessons. Please contact Brett for more information.

Parent-Tot: For children 6 months - 3 years old; children participate with a parent/caregiver to learn water adaptation skills.

This course will introduce infants and toddlers to the water in a playful manner, encouraging parents to teach their children basic skills. Instructors use games, songs and toys to facilitate water skills.

Pre-Level: For children 3 and up; beginners with no experience. Students will learn to:

Enter and exit the water safely with support; become comfortable in the water
Submerge head; open eyes underwater; blow bubbles
Front and back float; use arm and leg action with support

Level One: Prerequisite - pass pre-level or equivalent. Students will learn to:

Enter the water from the side; retrieve submerged objects
Submerge head and exhale through nose; Unassisted front and back float
Begin front crawl, backstorke and elementary backstroke for 20 feet
Basic water safety; glide on front and back
Whale's Tales DVD

Level Two: Prerequisite - pass Level 1 or equivalent. Students will learn to:

Swim using front crawl, backstorke and elementary for 20 feet
Jump into deep water; perform a survival float and safety bob
Use rotary breathing; swim under water; tread water
Being backstroke

Level Three: Prerequisite - pass Level 2 or equivalent. Students will learn to:

Swim using front crawl, backstroke, and elementary backstoke for 25 yards
Swim using breaststoke; dive; turn in lap pool; swim using sidestroke
Tread water using two different kicks; surface dive
Retrieve object from bottom of deep end

Level Four: Prerequisite - pass Level 3 or equivalent. Students will learn to:

Swim using the butterfly; front and back crawl for 50 yards
Swim using breaststroke and side stroke for 25 yards
Flip turns; use rescue equipments; stride jump and compact jump

Private Lessons: For children who have passed Level 4 and would like further instruction.

TEXT Notifications

This year we will be using Text Notifications, and our website to update on Swim Lessons cancellations. Please opt in for text notifications. We will NOT be making phone calls this year to inform of cancellations. If you do not text, please call in (605.722.1430) or check our website before coming to lessons on inclement weather days. Lessons will be held as long as the air to temp is over 65 degrees.

To Opt In for TEXT Notifications:

TEXT: SwimLessons to #605-593-8646 for SWIMMING LESSONS Notifications, cancellations, etc. 

Registration Information:


2015 Swim Lessons Schedule will be available April 1st -  2015 Registrations will begin April 20th. SRAC is currently transitioning to new software, so our registration process will begin later than normal. 

Age Group:

Toddler +

Program Cost:$45 / Sesson