Kettlebell Classes

Classes will be held in the Group Fitness Room @ 5:45 -6:30 am!

(These classes start Monday, March 4th!)

MONDAY – Kettlebell Foundations: A class for all fitness levels! In this class we will practice basic kettlebell form and technique in order to prevent injuries and achieve peak strength and mobility. A great class for beginners who have never worked out with kettlebells, or for those who want to sharpen their skills. Wednesday – Kettlebell Cardio: This class utilizes the kettlebell in a HIIT style workout. It works the whole body for a leaner, tighter physique while building muscular and cardiovascular endurance. All fitness levels welcome! Friday – Kettlebell Strength: This class will focus on building strength and power through compound movements. It will give you a total body workout including multi-joint and multi-muscle exercises that build strength and improve flexibility. Beneficial for all fitness levels!

Class Details:

Class Cost (Member): $3
Class Cost (Non-Member): $6