Scholarship Committee: The Recreation Scholarship committee will be made up of three Parks and Recreation staff members to include the SRAC Director, Rec and Aquatics Specialist and Facility Administrative Coordinator or Community Activities Coordinator depending on the staff who’s program is being impacted by the scholarship.  This committee will meet to discuss and make a decision on the scholarship within 30 days after receiving the application. The committee will decide solely on financial need. All citizens seeking financial assistance will be required to fill out a financial aid application

1.The following information must be provided:

1.Proof of city residency

2.Proof of parent or guardianship

3.Proof of annual or monthly income (A copy of the past years income tax form may be requested for proof)

4.Each application will be thoroughly evaluated by the scholarship committee and judged solely on financial need.

2.If approved, the individual or family (if family request) will receive between 10% and 100% of the program or entry fee cost up to $50.00. If receiving less than 100% of the program cost it will be the applicant’s responsibility to make up the additional payment in order to attend the requested program.

3.There is a limit of one scholarship per individual per calendar quarter. Quarters are as follows: January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-December. A new scholarship application must be submitted each quarter in order to receive benefit for that quarter. (Note: Some contract programs will not be given scholarships or will have their own scholarship programs. If a family receives a scholarship from a contract program it will not be counted against Spearfish Recreation limit.)

4.Scholarships are limited to individuals only. Groups and organizations are not eligible to apply.

5.Scholarship applicants will be notified by phone or with a letter outlining the scholarship amount and usage requirements.

6.The financial requirements will be based on the financial aid guidelines in Schedule “A”. These guidelines will be reviewed every two years.

7.No more than 20% of the program spaces can be allocated to a scholarship participants, and only if space is available.

8.Scholarships can be used for current year programming only. (Aquatic, Recreation or Membership)

Scholarship application